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Beautiful handcrafted decorative switch plates and outlet covers .

Welcome to our online store. We are very excited to bring you the most beautiful decorative switch plates  for your home. All decorative switch plate covers that we make are hand crafted with care and receive individual attention. All items ship within 2 days!


Our decorative switch plates are made of high quality plastic, water resistant glue, heavy weight paper to hold the image and a coat of clear lacquer to protect the image on the plate from moisture. All plates are easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth!  Each screw head is individually hand painted to blend into each image and to minimize the screw’s appearance on the switch plate.

Because not all images will fit  or look right on every type of switch plate, we have given the best examples of each design and approximately what it will look like for that plate. If you do not see the style of plate for the image you want, they are available - please ask and we will be glad to  create one.

We love custom work! If you have an image that you want for your room and can't find it anywhere else, we will make it for you. We encourage you to send us pictures to put on your plates or any other ideas you may have for your switch plate covers.

Every decorative switch plate cover is 100% guaranteed.  We believe you will be very satisfied with our workmanship and quality. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason you may return it for a refund.*  Custom order decorative switch plates can be returned only for credit.

We believe that each switch plate and receptacle plate in a room should match the décor. Switch plates should not be just white cream or brown because that’s what came with the home or apartment. In fact, why can’t you use them to decorating during the holidays? On our website you will find decorative switch plates to match your room, solid color plates to match your trim and even manly switch plates for your garage.  

We are constantly adding to our collection of decorative switch plate covers so check back frequently and see what we have!


*See our return policy for full details.






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Switch plates bug me. They serve a utilitarian purpose, covering electrical outlets, but generally add nothing to the decor of a room. There is an abundance of non-descript beige and clear plastic plates covering outlets sprinkled around the EcoNest. I stopped counting after more than 20 of those boring switch plates starred me down. We have one decorative switch plate that was picked up as a souvenir on a trip to British Columbia a few years ago:

I notice this decorative switch plate when I enter the room and it serves as a reminder to turn off the light. What if you took notice of all of your switch plates? Would you be more mindful of saving energy and remember to turn off lights when you leave a room? These questions led me on a search for a decorative switch plate that would make the inhabitants of my EcoNest remember to turn off the lights.

Sometimes, it's the littlest things that make the largest impact. Create your own decorative switch plate or outlet plates to tie together a room easily. Just a little scrap of fabric or paper can help give a room that extra boost it needs with decorative switch plates or outlet plates. You can make these decorative switch plates quickly with few supplies, and they'll make a room look extra special and finished.

Use material that matches or complements your curtains, your throw pillows or even your daughter's color scheme. The fabric doesn't have to match exactly, but should at least have a hint of the color theme in it.

For the den or playroom, a variety of patterns and colors can be fun on different decorative switch plates. But in the dining room or living room, it might be best to stick to one fabric.

Old decorative switch plates can be given new life with this technique and save you some money while making your room look priceless. Just give the old ones a bath and repurpose them. If you're like me, this will solve the dilemma of shopping around for a switch plate that is not sold anymore — just cover the old one with fabric. I found fabric works well, but decorative switch plate paper also can be used for this craft.

For this project, you will need a switch plate, spray adhesive, a piece of fabric, matching acrylic craft paint and an Exacto knife. Begin by placing the switch or outlet plate on the back of a piece of the fabric. Use the Exacto knife to cut around the plate about 1/2 inch from the edge. The extra material will be wrapped around the back of the plate. Apply a thin layer of spray adhesive to the face of the switch or outlet plate and lay it face down on the back of the piece of fabric. Use the Exacto knife to cut an X in the switch or outlet areas of the plate. This will allow the fabric to be folded in to the back of the plate and create the holes for the switches or outlets.

Lightly spray adhesive on the back of the switch or outlet plate and fold over the excess fabric to the back — this should be on all four sides and in the areas for the switch and the outlets.

Press all of the edges down and allow glue to dry.

Paint the entire back of the switch plate with your matching paint to disguise the raw edges.